Foliar Programs

These programs support plant health through the biological pathways of the plant. By applying nutrients directly to the leaves, the plant is able to absorb the nutrients faster than through traditional feeding methods. Not only do foliar programs help boost plant growth, but they also provide protection from disease activation. The nutrients delivered through foliar fertilization help strengthen the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, making it less susceptible to diseases. Incorporating a foliar fertilizer program in your plant care routine can ultimately result in healthier, stronger plants.

Biological Plant Support

The Pathway

Focuses on plant health, biological pathway support, and protection from disease activation

Timing: V5- R4

The Decomposer

Breaks down excess crop residue and improves nutrient availability, germination, plant establishment, and resilience to pathogens.

Option One:

Option Two:

Timing: Fall, After Harvest

Nutritional Plant Support


P58 is engineered to enhance phosphorus assimilation and facilitate efficient nutrient movement within plants.

Timing: Anytime

The Ground Rig

The Ground Rig is a foliar program designed especially for for soybeans.

Timing: Late Vegetative to Reproductive

The Aerial

Focuses on plant available potassium and phosphorus.

Timing: Vegetative to Reproductive

BAM Tech-K

Immune system support coupled with fertilizer

Timing: Vegetative to Reproductive


Timing: Vegetative to Reproductive

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