Enhancing Soil Productivity with Precision In-Furrow Applications

Comprehensive In-Furrow Biological Programs for Advanced Crop Management

By applying the right amount of nutrients directly to the soil where the seed is planted, in furrow programs help to provide the nutrients that the seed needs for vigorous growth right from the beginning.

In furrow tractor planting at sunrise

Bio Ag E Key Features

A liquid microbial produced by Bio Ag Management with best-in-class biological activity for all 16 nutrient pathways.


Complete Microbial Blend

Balanced Fungal to Bacteria ratio stacked with protozoa for a complete soil food web microbial blend


Proven Performance

Top performer in plots with consistent results over the last 5 years


Nutrient Compatible

Pairs nicely with bio-stimulants, nutrients, and micronutrients.


Bacterial Phage Inclusion

Contain bacterial phages: natural predators to pathogenic bacteria and fungi


Versatile Mixability

Mixability with crop protection: herbicide, fungicides, insecticides


Hormone Production

Generates plant hormones: auxin, cytokinin, and gibberellin


Enhances Resilience

Primes the plant’s stress pathways for impending stress – Heat, drought, disease, etc


Comprehensive Stress Defense

Primes and protects plant pathways against a stresses like heat, drought, and disease, ensuring both abiotic and biotic resilience.


Biopriming the Soil

Nutritional: Bioprime the soil with all 16 nutrient pathways
Intelligence ST Beans
BioAg E Corn Treated and Untreated

When to Use?

Heavily manured ground, ground with wet feet, fields with high disease pressure, low fertility fields, cool or cold planting conditions.Increase plant’s ability to utilize natural defense and growth processes by improving plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR).


In-furrow/Earlier vegetative foliar


1 pint per 1 gallon

Corn stalks treated with BioAg E biological fertilizer
Corn stalks treated with BioAg E biological fertilizer
Corn treated with BioAg E fertilizer

The Corn Belt

Focused on dysfunction from a biological, metabolic, and nutrient specific perspective for the Corn Belt.

Timing: In-furrow – V5

The Ride Along

Focused on adding pathway performance to existing starter programs.

Timing: In-furrow – VT (Corn) or R1 (Soybeans)

Additional Products That Can Be Blended In :

  • 3-18-18
  • 10-10-10
  • 8-32-5
  • 6-24-6
  • 6-22-2
  • 0-0-19-6S
  • 0-0-23
  • BAM Plex
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Boron
  • Micronutrients
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