Seed Treatment Programs

These programs enhance seeds’ field performance. Benefits include vigor and resistance to pests and diseases. With unpredictable weather, seed treatment programs are crucial for crop resilience. Investing in them is a smart move for farmers.

Liquid Seed Treatments

Liquid seed treatments, such BAM Micro Tech Seed, offer a range of benefits for improving seed health, nutrient absorption, and overall plant vitality. These treatments provide a blend of beneficial biological species, complex carbon sources, and essential micronutrients, supporting seed energy delivery and jumpstarting the plant-microbial nutrient process.

BAM Micro Tech Seed

Optimizes seed health, nutrient uptake, and overall plant vitality.

Rate: 2-3 oz per 100 lbs of seed

Dry Planter Box Seed Treatments

Help seeds induce rapid water imbibition, germination, emergence, and root proliferation. Consists of talc, micronutrients, germination aides, cationic carbohydrate polymers, and beneficial soil bacteria.

PrimePro-M (Corn)

  • Timing: Seed Treatment
  • Rate: 1 box per 50 units

PrimePro-D (Soybean)

  • Timing: Seed Treatment
  • Rate: 1 box per 50 units
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