SAP Sampling:

  • Lists all active nutrients in the xylem and phloem
  • Can compare nutrients that are currently in new and old growth
  • Allows you to fix imbalances in nutrition, and detect current and future deficiencies

How this differs from Tissue samples is that during tissue you are just taking the newly matured leaves. So you are just getting a snapshot of what is going on in the plant from that point that you took the sample. With SAP we are taking samples from both new and old growth so you can see the progression of when you run out of a certain nutrient in the new growth and the plant starts to compensate for that by taking it out of the old growth. So you are seeing more of a bigger picture and can be more predictive in the plants nutritionally level currently and in the future.

Rapid Soil Sampling:

  • Tells what nutrients are currently available
  • Very effective when used in combination with SAP Sampling seeing available nutrients from soil to inside the plant
  • Different than your typical Soil tests by only seeing what is plant available

The rapid Soil test is running Deionized water over the soil and seeing what nutrients are there for the plant ready and available. While other soil tests tell you all of the nutrients that are in the soil but they are not all in a form that is available for the plant to use. Other soil tests also use weak to strong acids to extract the nutrients from the soil instead of the deionized water.

We can also offer growers the option to run irrigation water with the rapid soil. This shows the growers their irrigation water’s nutrients and how it can impact their crops. If the grower would just do a normal rapid soil test when running irrigation it would not accurately represent the values of nutrients available for the plant. For example it can show a grower has a high amount of Ca and that could lead to the decision to not apply as much Ca in their fertilizer because there water supplies enough. In other words when testing in fields with irrigation it is important to also get a rapid soil test with their irrigation water because a normal rapid soil test can be skewed from the actual nutrients that are available to the plant.

Traditional Leaf Testing:

Discover the key to thriving plants and abundant yields with our comprehensive leaf testing. Uncover the exact nutrients your plants require to enhance their health and productivity. Determine the nutrient concentrations during the optimal growing season, ensuring your plants receive precisely what they need. Gain vital insights into plant nutrition year-round, as timing plays an equally vital role as the quantity of fertilizer used. Avoid harming the soil ecosystem by disregarding timing and employing excessive application rates.

In-season crop monitoring:

We help growers gather and interpret data throughout the growing season to monitor crop progress. The goal of this service is to further fine-tune crop plans and fit biological products and practices into a grower’s operation. In-season monitoring uses leaf and plant sugar analysis, soil sampling, and soil nitrogen testing.

Soil Biology Quantitative Testing:

We have access to labs that quantify active biology. These tests show the density and diversity of the major types of beneficial soil organisms. This comprehensive assessment of soil health is valuable in tailoring a management strategy for individual farms.

B.A.M. Compost

B.A.M. Compost is specially blended compost specifically designed for producing a diverse, balanced biological extract at the producer and farm service level. Whether producing your own high quality biological for your farm or creating a product to resell, B.A.M. compost is a great addition to any area and can be used on a multitude of crops. Bio Ag Management’s proprietary pre treatment process ramps up fresh growth of microbial populations by more than 400% giving us consistence extractions and an extremely low use rate compared industry standards.

Custom Liquid Fertilizer Blends

At Bio Ag Management, we specialize in creating customized fertilizer blends for side dress applications. Our expertise in leaf testing allows us to identify nutrient deficiencies and develop precise blends that effectively address these deficiencies. Our current focus is on targeting Nitrogen, Potassium, Sulfur, and Boron.

Custom Compost Machines

Bio Ag Management specializes in building custom compost machines. Although it is not one of our core services, we do offer this service to our valued customers upon request. Please note that there may be a long lead time for this particular service.


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