We Help Growers Make Data-Driven Decisions Based on the Unique Biological Attributes of Their Soil —
Improving Soil, Plant Health and Increasing Yield and Profits

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Our Flagship Program
This program, when coupled with soil health farming practices, has shown rapid improvement in organic soil matter

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Root Exudate Program
This program strikes a good balance between ease of use and shelf life with a diverse biological inoculant and quality biostimulants

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BioCore Program
This is an easy to use dry planter box formula developed with the finest talc on the market, bundled with microorganisms and micronutrients

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Soil and Tissue Sampling
Next Level’s approach to testing and interpretation looks at the entire soil ecology — not just chemical characteristics.

Our Programs

Increase Yield and Profits with Customized Data and Biological Programs

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Bio Ag E Soil Additive Program

Bio Ag E Program

Corn plants at emergence demonstrating better growth on right
Corn plants at emergence. Plant on left untreated. Plant on right treated with Bio Ag E program.

Our Proprietary Blend

Bio Ag E is a diverse microbial inoculant focused on balancing the soil’s ecosystem. This program stimulates the balance of your soil’s microorganisms. Bio Ag E has a short shelf life! It has to be applied to the field within two days of delivery. We work with farmers to have Bio Ag E available when you are ready to apply it! Consistent yield increases are shown 68% of the time, with an average increase of 15 bushels per acre.

$20-$22 per acre depending on payment period

Balanced Biology Equals Season-Long Plant Nutrient Increases

In-Season Y-Drop

Customized Nutrient Formulation

Y-drop image

Give Plants What They Lack, and Yield Will Improve

Bio Ag Management offers leaf and soil testing in the middle of the growing season. This detailed data shows us precisely which nutrients should be added to optimize soil composition and therefore plant health. The results drive the formulation of a midseason Y-drop treatment. These case studies show increased yields of 13 and 15 bu/acre, which resulted in a $32 and $42 increase in revenue per acre (after deducting the cost of the treatment).

A No-Guess Approach to Robust Plant Health

Biovante Root Exudate

In-Furrow Program

Cost Effective Complete Biological Treatment

This in-furrow treatment consists of shelf-stable microbes with a blend of biostimulants. It increases yields consistently at an average of 12 bushels per acre. While the Root Exudate Program may not have the biological diversity and density of the Bio Ag E program, the balance between effective biostimulants and biology can increase yields, and the shelf life of BioFlex makes it a good option.

$12.50 to $13.33 per acre depending on payment period

The Shelf Life Makes This a Good Option

Biovante Root Exudate Results image

Biovante BioCore

Biovante BioCore Program

BioCore is a unique blend of beneficial microorganisms (aka biologicals) which assist in helping the seed to germinate and initiating root growth, thus resulting in a jumpstart to the season. This easy-to-use dry planter box formula is developed with the finest talc on the market, bundled with microorganisms and micro-nutrients. BioCore comes in custom microbial blends for corn, soybeans, small grains, and all-purpose crops. Maximum biological activity is being achieved with each custom blend with its relationship to the species of seed being grown.
Biovante BioCore Corn
Biovante BioCore Soybeans Label
BIovante BioCore Small Grains Label
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