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Bio Ag Management

Regenerative Farming

Organic Soil Amendments for the Central Illinois, Northern Missouri, and Southern Iowa farming community

Bio Ag Management was started in 2016 by Clint Frese, Clayton Frese, and Luke Holst. Clint and Clayton Frese are progressive farmers in West Central Illinois who were early adopters of precision ag data management and equipment utilization.

Luke Holst is also a farmer and the owner of Holst Precision Ag—specializing in Precision Ag hardware sales, service, and implementation of Precision Ag strategies.

After years of fine-tuning and implementing Precision Ag plans, Clint and Luke began to realize that soil health, and the biological
processes that occur in soil are some of the most important drivers in profitable crop production. They adopted the principles of regenerative farming.

Bio Ag Management is partners with Biovante, a leader in soil health expertise and biological amendment products for row crop production. Through this partnership, Bio Ag Management is able to produce and source a diverse line of products to help farmers increase yield, improve soil health and maximize efficiency in their operations.

Our organic soil amendment programs and services aim to bring immediate results while improving long-term soil health and biological diversity. The long term goal of all of our Soil Amendment Programs is to increase overall soil health (for example — soil structure, soil respiration, and building of soil organic matter).

Bio Ag Management is focused on bringing consistent profitability to a grower’s operation.