Foliar Program

Foliar Program

Continuing to provide nutrition and energy to corn and soybeans helps to realize maximum yield. Bio Ag Management offers a foliar program that uses a well-balanced micronutrient fertilizer. Simply applying foliar fertilizer is not sufficient though. Many growers see inconsistent results from foliar applications. One of the reasons is that aiding the plant in accepting foliar fertilizer and providing energy to allow the plant to utilize those nutrients is overlooked. That is why we recommend at minimum of two products in our foliar program. Products can be mixed with other fertilizers and fungicides and insecticides.

Foliar program products:

Micro-X: Micro-X contains a broad spectrum of important micronutrients that are fully available for plant uptake

Assist: A mixture of fulvic acid, mycorrhizae fungi, and other organic acids. It helps increase the uptake of mineral nutrition into the plant. Assist helps dissolve and carry micronutrients into the plant as well as providing energy for the plant.

BioMate: Biovante’s versatile energy and microbial food source is a great option in the foliar program as well. BioMate will help provide energy to plants so they may more efficiently process Micro-X fertilizer.

Application Hint: foliar fertilizers are best applied early morning or in the evening to help get maximum uptake by the plant.

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