Intelligence ST Seed Treatment

In Depth Product Description

Intelligence Seed Treatment Soybean Formulation
Intelligence ST Seed Treatment Corn Formulation

Product Benefits


  • Early stimulation of root growth, aiding in seedlings ability to scavenge nutrients.
  • Upregulation of macronutrient biological pathways. 10% to 30%.
  • Increases in plant nutrition levels have been observed.
  • Intelligence ST provides valuable nutrition at germination. Seedling demand of nutrition is low and can be extremely effective at providing the plant valuable nutrient balance and aid in the enzymatic reactions required to assimilate macronutrients.

Plant Stress Tolerance by Priming Resistance:

  • Metabolic pathways are accessed which stimulate root exudate production, nutrient movement, and energy transfer, Both SAR (systemic acquired resistance) and ISR (induced systemic resistance) are activated.
    • SAR (systemic acquired resistance)
    • Plant hormonal defense against stress
  • ISR (Immune system defense)
    • Plant immune defense against stress
  • These two systems involve upregulating the plants own natural immune system and thus prime a plants ability to handle impending abiotic and biotic stresses.

Bacteriophage Technology

Numerous species present in Intelligence ST are classified as bacteriophage, which are natural predators to pathogenic bacteria and fungi. The pathogen is colonized by the beneficial bacteriophage or consumed as an energy source, and now functions to benefit the plants stress mitigation and efficiency.

Carbon Skeletons

Intelligence ST contains a diverse source of carbon skeletons including humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acid, and other organic acids. The carbon portion of Intelligence ST aides in a seedling’s ability to have access to the chemistry needed to efficiently start plant growth processes and nutrient delivery. Carbon skeletons also play a role in complexing the positively charged micronutrients in Intellegence ST keeping them from becoming tied up.

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