Bio Ag E Breakdown™

Greg Tippey: 217.430.4524

Optimizing Soil Health and Resilience for Sustainable Growth

Bio Ag E Breakdown is a premier liquid microbial solution crafted by Bio Ag Management, designed specifically for the efficient digestion of biological residue. This product boasts unparalleled biological activity, targeting all 16 nutrient pathways, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced nutrient availability for plants. It contains bacterial phages, which act as natural combatants against pathogenic bacteria and fungi, thus safeguarding plant health. Beyond residue management, Bio Ag E Breakdown N bioprimes the soil, enhancing its fertility and resilience by promoting microbial stress adaptation, including salt tolerance and heavy metal resistance. Ideal for application after harvest, it prepares the soil for the upcoming growing season, laying the foundation for robust plant growth and health.

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