BioCore Soybeans

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Biological Seed Dressing

Jumpstart Your Growing Season!

BioCore Soybeans is a proprietary seed treatment consisting of talc fortified with micronutrients, naturally derived seed germination synergisers, cationic carbohydrate polymers as well as a wide array of beneficial soil bacteria that support the soil food web. When used as directed this combination of ingredients help the seed induce rapid water imbibition, germination, emergence, and root proliferation on the seedlings.

List of bacteria in this organic soil amendment:

  • Azotobacter chroococcum
  • Azosirillum spp
  • Bacillius cereus
  • Bacillius subtillis
  • Brady Japonicum Rhyzobium
  • Pseudomonas flourescens

Call Greg Tippey at 217.430.4524 for more information on BioCore Soybeans.

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BioCore Biological Products Facts

  • Dry Planter Box Biological Seed Treatment/Inoculant
  • 3-in-1 Product: Talc, Bios, and Micros
  • Low Input Cost, High ROI
  • Multiple Versions

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BioCore is a dry planter box seed treatment designed to improve seed germination rates, increase root mass, and improve the stand-ability of the crop. This unique blend of microorganisms offers some of the best biologicals to help fight off disease and insect pressures and improve nutrient availability from germination through maturation. Planters that require talc or those which do not require talc will experience another added benefit of BioCore. The French-based talc is the finest quality of the market and does not cause any seed metering issues while planting. Just two scoops per 50lbs of seed are needed to ensure even seed coverage and help seed flow. The BioCore Soybean version has shown promising effects of shortening internodes for those plants that get too tall at the end of the season.

Don’t waste any more money on standard talc but reap the benefits of a product that can replace talc while providing beneficial biologicals and micronutrients. Contact Clint to get your hands on these unique blends of seed treatments that can be easily used at the end of the row in your seedboxes.

BioCore biological products are unique blends of beneficial microorganisms (aka biologicals) that assist in helping seeds germinate, initiate root growth thus resulting in a jumpstart to the season. This easy-to-use dry planter box formula is developed with the finest of talc in the market, bundled with microorganisms, and micronutrients. BioCore comes in custom microbial blends for; corn, soybeans, small grains, and all-purpose. Maximum biological activity is being achieved with each custom blend with its relationship to the species of seed being grown.