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NitroSul is a liquid Nitrogen and Sulfur fertilizer with a near 1:1 balance between available Ammonia and available Sulfate. Sulfur is very critical in the assimilation and conversion of Nitrogen in plants as well as being required for the production of proteins. Bio Ag Management recommends using a minimum 10:1 Nitrogen to Sulfur ratio in any in season Nitrogen fertilizer applications although much higher rates have also shown great benefit.
Key Benefits:

  • Balanced between Ammonia and Sulfate
  • Nitrogen and Sulfur in NitroSul are completely plant available at application and do not require any conversion in soil to become available.
  • Higher amount of Nitrogen than other Sulfur fertilizers allow liquid UAN rates to be reduced adding flexibility when UAN prices are high.
  • Can be used as direct replacement of dry spray able AMS as a water conditioner in herbicide passes allowing growers to eliminate bags and mix large quantities at once.

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