Our Research Helps Growers Navigate the Biological Marketplace

We study the physical and chemical attributes of soil. Inexpensive soil sampling from each field helps farmers make customized, data-driven decisions that improve soil health and plant health — ultimately increasing yield and profits.

Our Commitment

At Bio Ag Management, we are committed to helping growers find the right practices and biological products to make your soil ecosystem as efficient as possible.

For a farmer, soil health is the productive capacity of the soil, or the capacity of the soil to produce a crop with minimal input. Soil biological properties are interconnected with other soil physical and chemical properties.

Soil biology affects soil structure, nutrient release, organic matter, the cycling of residue and carbon, and plant health. The fundamentals of basic agronomy are important in a biological system; proper soil PH, drainage, and fixing soil compaction are at the forefront of where we start with a grower.

We have found through our research that in addition to implementing the right practices and biological products, growers must also re-evaluate outdated fertility recommendations. Bio Ag Management believes that fertility decisions should be made at the grower and field level, and not be based on 50-year-old fertility recommendations.

A lot has changed in 50 years:
  • a better understanding of soil ecology
  • advancements in corn and soybean hybrids
  • equipment technology allowing for different application windows
  • GPS equipment allowing farmers to be more efficient in fieldwork as well as collecting
  • valuable planting, application, and yield data

In this research booklet, Bio Ag will present some of its research data on how different biological programs affect soil’s biological, chemical, and physical properties. Choosing the right practices and biological programs drives short-term efficiency in fertility and plant health — while focusing on building soil health — driving long-term sustainability and resilience across an ever-changing climate. Bio Ag’s goal as a company is to help growers navigate the biological marketplace and implement different practices and products that focus on soil health. As soil health increases, fertility curves change (along with many other factors). Bio Ag is committed to helping growers set up a series of fertility checks and balances to maximize profitability at the field level. We will be the first to admit that we don’t have all the answers for your farm, but we strive to help our growers use information specific to their fields to make data-driven decisions on their farm.

Bio Ag believes precision ag technology and improvements to the soil’s ecosystem puts growers in the driver’s seat by using their own data to decide how their input dollar should be spent.