Biological Program

Biological Program

The Biological Program offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing plant performance and enhancing soil health through the strategic use of three innovative products: Exclusion, Bio Ag E, and Root Exudate.

Exclusion is a complex agricultural product that harnesses the power of microbial digestion technologies. Its unique composition includes minerals, beneficial microbial metabolites, and biologically derived organic acids. When applied, Exclusion introduces thousands of microbial species to the plant, allowing the plant to select those that provide beneficial functions for resilience and production. This leads to the establishment of a new microbial community that promotes plant health and productivity.

Bio Ag E, another key component of the Biological Program, is a diverse microbial inoculant specifically designed to balance the soil ecosystem. It contains a bio-stimulant package that stimulates the balance of all microorganisms, resulting in a season-long increase in plant nutrients. When combined with applied N, P, and K fertilizers, growers can expect improved efficiency and consistent yield increases. Additionally, Bio Ag E promotes fast changes in soil organic matter and boasts a season-long shelf life.

Root Exudate, the final product in the Biological Program, is a revolutionary blend of soil microorganisms and biostimulants. This exceptional density and diversity of microorganisms contribute to the long-term health and vitality of the soil, improving plant nutrient availability throughout the growing season. Backed by scientific research and field trials, Root Exudate consistently delivers impressive results, maximizing overall crop performance.

With the Biological Program, farmers and growers can experience a comprehensive approach to plant nutrition and soil health, ultimately leading to increased yields and more sustainable farming practices.

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