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Seed Treatment FAQs

Find answers to the most common questions about our seed treatment products and how they can benefit your farming operations.

How to choose between Intelligence ST and PRIMEPRO?

If a liquid treater is available, Intelligence ST is preferred due to its diverse makeup of microbial and carbon pathways. Pathways include nutritional upregulation, bio hormonal, and stress mitigation.

Should I use both Intelligence ST and PRIMEPRO?

No, we feel from an ROI stand point it should be one or the other due to similar results.

How should our seed treatments be placed for the best ROI?

ROI’s are greatest when planting in cool or wet conditions. Also in fields with high soil borne diseases.

What is the shelf life for Intelligence and Prime Pro?

Two year shelf life: either in the jug or applied on the seed

In corn should I use Intelligence even though I am applying liquid fertilizer In furrow?

No, we have very similar microbial and carbon products to add to existing starter programs. Intelligence st should be used when there are no liquid fertilizer options available.

What are the main benefits I should see when using Intelligence ST?
  • Faster germination
  • Enhanced root growth
  • Higher inception of micronutrients
  • Increased nutrient flow
  • Increase plant’s ability to utilize natural defense and growth processes
What are the main benefits I should see when using Prime Pro?
  • Faster germination
  • A more uniform emergence
  • Ease of use at the grower level
  • At least a 3:1 ROI in cool and/or wet conditions
If using an in furrow starter program will I still see an ROI with Prime Pro?

Absolutely! Especially in wet or cool conditions

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