Sidedress Fertigation Programs

2 By 2 / Sidedress / Irrigation
Using custom fertilizer blends and advanced leaf testing techniques, we help farmers identify the appropriate nutrients to apply directly to the soil when the crops need them most. This method saves time, resources and ensures maximum plant health, which in turn can lead to higher yields and profits. By tailoring fertilization practices to each individual crop, sidedress fertigation represents a promising new frontier in precision agriculture.

The NKS Program Can Be Blended Two Ways


Timing: Early Sidedress/Y-drop


Timing: Later Sidedress/Y-drop

The KickStart Program — for Farmers who Already Have a Nitrogen Source

Timing: Depends on which form of nitrogen you’re pairing with

Custom Blend List

Bio Ag Management specializes in creating custom fertilizer blends for sidedress applications. Using advanced leaf testing techniques, we accurately identify nutrient deficiencies and formulate tailored blends to address them. Our current focus is on Nitrogen, Potassium, Sulfer, and Boron deficiencies. Experience the power of precision agriculture with Bio Ag Management.

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