Spring Broadcast

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Spring Broadcast Program

Bio Ag Management offers a biology-based program targeting Spring preplant applications. This program consists of two products manufactured by Biovante—a leader in the development of biological based products and programs.

Program Benefits

  • Can be mixed with other herbicides or fertilizers.
  • Increases the efficiency of your current fertility program.
  • Increases yield by allowing plants to access available nutrition more
    quickly and more efficiently throughout the growing season.


Bio Ag Management’s Spring broadcast program consists of two products:

BioRed: BioRed contains aerobic, anaerobic, and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. When applied, these organisms increase the efficiency of the natural soil mineralization process and have the ability to fix nitrogen.

BioMate: Contains four simple sugars as a biological food source as well as photosynthetic and energy-producing bacteria.

Greg Tippey: 217.430.3945