Spring In Furrow

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Spring In Furrow Full Biological Program

Program Benefits

  • Save Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) Fertilizer input costs. Our biological program helps jump-start the natural mineralization process in soil.
  • Increase plant health. Our program has consistently shown better late season stand-ability and plant health.
  • Improve soil health and soil structure. Biology is the driver of soil health and healthy soil structure. Bio Ag Managements biological program has two main advantages over other biology based programs: Density and Diversity.
  • Over three years and many trials our program has consistently shown an increase of 13 bu/acre in corn vs no treatment.

Bio Ag Management’s Spring in furrow program consists of four products:

Bio Ag E: contains a dense concentration of beneficial soil microorganisms including Mycorrhizae fungi.

Soil ReVive: A potent bio stimulant that contains a blend of complex and simple biological food sources.

BioMate: Contains four simple sugars as a biological food source as well as photosynthetic and energy-producing bacteria.

Lift Off: Lift-Off is auxiliary plant benefactor meant to aid in early germination and plant vigor.

Soil aggregate drop test from
long term Bio Ag Management
check strip. Left untreated.
Right treated.

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